JWF™ Wisdom Reviving 108 Buddha Agate Mala

Designer speaks

Dwarf the ego and raise the challenge to acknowledge your go getter instinct. Take a peek of your wisdom with calmness. Chant the mantra with closed eyes and let the emancipation from destructive emotions prevail upon you. Never be afraid from being criticised just cleanse yourself with wisdom and do your best with firmness.

Our 108 buddha mala invokes the abundance and exuberance. It just helps you find the path and bluster through all negativity and disparaging thoughts with ease.

The 8mm agate stone debilitates dark energy and adds strength and courage to make you romp ahead with shine in your eyes and brilliance in your thinking.

This buddha mala is available today on free delivery and also gives you mental peace for hassle free replacementagainst the damaged arrival.