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JWF™ Living Your Dreams Premium Rose Quartz Cat Eye Stones Bracelet


Designer speaks

This bracelet can not outshine your true smile and heart but it will add more styling and elegance

Give a jolt to all those envious and staring eyes and let them be infatuated with your demeanour and persona. You are here to exhibit your vibrancy and magnanimous attitude to others with your never evanescent smile. Pull out all the stops to live your dreams to the fullest with wide wings of impending reality. They are coming true for you in full fledged way. Our rose quartz and cat's eyes stones embellished pair of bracelets are wanting to be your wrist-mate in the journey of showering love, passion  and dream.

The premium look will adorn your style and beauty both. with adjustable rope in the backdrop. The combination complies with all skin and have soothing effect.

Wear this premium elegance today made exclusively for you. This pair of bracelet gives you mental peace of free replacementif it arrives damaged and also qualifies for post purchase headache incase it breaks or wears out. You can take the advantage of re-fixing and re-energising policy