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JWF ™ Exclusive Energised Picture Jasper Stone Bracelet For Health & Inner Stability


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With a strong connection with mother earth, Picture jasper inherits various healing benefits related to the immunity system like kidney and Liver

Wear Jasper Stone Crown Bracelet For Health & Energy.

Picture Jasper greatly stimulates your immune system. It eliminates pollutants and toxins from the body thus cleanses the kidney

Jasper is said to heal the problems with digestion like constipation, prostate, and obesity.

So we thought of making this combination in the bracelet form so that you can wear this with much enthusiasm.

Some key benefits associated with Jasper due to metaphysical properties

  • Enhances endurance, stamina and physical strength
  • rebalances the aura and increases the life force in the aura
  • harmonizes the immune system like kidney and liver
  • provides protection by absorbing negative energy

#100% Natural Picture Jasper Stones

It is widely used in healing and boosting digestion and minimizing skin disorder.

This is not a fashion bracelet, it is a bracelet of positivity and sacredness imbibed in each and every element used in making this.

Product Information

  • Stones: Jasper Green and Mat Agate
  • Size: 17-19 CM
  • Number of Bracelets: Double Wrap
  • Crown Metal: Zirconia Copper
  • Metal Bead: Zirconia 

Please note: We just gave information on the properties associated with the stone, always consult your doctor for ailment related to the immune system. This can not be considered as an alternative to medication.