JWF ™ "Keep Your Faith Strong " Premium Natural Jasper Hematite Crown Bracelet

If you have strong faith, then you are destined to achieve what you want from yourself.

 ✔ Health ✔ Energy ✔ Focus

These three pillars are the backbone of person's happiness and success, only endeavour does not suffice the action. One has to have these catalysts to define the course of progress and happiness.

Hematite is stone of mind, that enhances the memory and concentration and is drawn from the rocks and soil.  It is associated with one of the chakra of the body " Base Chakra"

Being natural and  in connection with Mother earth, it helps person stay grounded and motivated with ions of positivity around.

Hematite inherits tremendous healing potential and carries magnetic properties in order to balance the meridian and bring equilibrium with in the body.

There are numerous healing benefits associated with Hematite

  • It restores the blood supply and help in red cell formation
  • Dissolves Negativity and absorbs this.
  • It re-energises the kidney and regenerates the tissues.
  • Enhances will power and helps in emotional turbulences

It is used in the treatment of immune system and detoxification of the body's system.

It is bracelet of positivity and sacredness imbibed in each and every element used in making this.

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Product Information

  • Stones: Hematite, Jasper
  • Color: Black
  • Crown Size: 8mm
  • Middle Stone: Jasper 8mm
  • Size: 17-19 CM
  • Crown Metal: Alloy (Color: Rose Gold)
  • Delivery Time: 3-6 Days
  • Shipping Fee:  FREE