JWF ™ Invoking Health & Peace Red Jasper Pair Bracelets

Let the world know about your peaceful side and loving nature, This pair of jasper bracelets level up the energy for health and deploy the stability in mood. All these are attributed to super strong healing properties of wonder stones called Jasper

What is Red Jasper Stones known For

  • To keep the immune system in check and healthy
  • To extrude Negative energies
  • To stabilise the aura for a playful mood
  • To eradicate the onslaught of frequent anxiety 

Designer Note

The powerful Semi-precious Red Jasper comes equipped with Natural healing benefits due to blessing from mother earth and sun rays. Red Jasper stone bracelet is energised and made with 100% Natural Jasper stones.

The Red jasper  bracelet keeps you calm and confident. It stabilises the energy of the body by reviving the weak chakras. The metal pipe, which is copper is evenly placed amongst jasper beads to spruce up the beauty as copper is also good for health and it works amazingly good in healing energies


#100% Natural Stones Jasper Stones.

Product Information
  • Stones: Jasper 
  • Stone Size: 8mm
  • Number of Bracelets: Two
  • Middle Metal: Copper 8x18mm
  • Type: Unisex