JWF™ Never Stopping Jaguar Tiger Eye Bracelet

Designer Speaks

Jaguar has speed, stamina and agility and endurance to deal with any situation. Get going attitude makes him stand out. You have ability to supersede your fort of weakness. You may chuck out all those deviations, which make you weaker and crippled. Eventually you are jaguar from with in. Catapult your weakness and indolence to the remote of deep ocean. Let you not make a fuss, just make a buzz with your action and forbearance.

The copper zirconia studded jaguar bead delineates your capability with 6mm mind strengthening headed tiger eye bead to rule the the jungle of possibility.

Product Information

6mm Tiger Eye Bead for strength, fearlessness and confidence

Skin friendly metal clasp for wrapping around the wrist

Replacement assurance with energising & Re-fixing  Policy