JWF™ Fast And Furious Jaguar Hematite Tiger Eye Healing Bracelet


Designer's Note

We sometime forget our real value and passion and just follow the same perfunctory life with suppressed feeling. We tend to forget the real purpose of life. Consequent to this, melancholy and disappointment start hounding. Come out of this mindset with our Jaguar instinct inspired hematite tiger eye bracelet to chase away the negativity, suppressed emotion, and self demeaning attitude. Just go on kill with agility and strength and bring forth the real you.

The exquisite jaguar is epitome of your strength, hematite is stones of firmness and concentration and is related to base chakra in the body, Tiger eye stone is stone of mind. Affirm your intention to chase your passion today with any ado. You can do it. Just  be what you are.

  • Zirconia Jaguar is made from copper 
  • 8mm Tiger eye and Hematite stones
  • Adjustable rope
  • Free Replacement