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JWF™ "Reviving the inner peace" Buddha Tiger Eye Bracelet

Designer's Note

Sail through the dark tunnel of pessimism with enriched energy and strengthened mind and soul. Just slough it off as pessimism just doom you to the nadir of sadness and disappointment.

The awe inspiring three fold buddha bracelet enters the ray of energy with its symbolic presence of Lord Buddha in your soul to emancipate from the huddle of problem and rejections. Just resign yourself to the shelter of peace with belief and affirmation " i am the soul in quest of inner peace, that will overarch me from all outside noise"

The artistic 6mm tiger eye, that is called mind's stone are three layered  bracelet with adjustable chain rope in the backdrop.

The calming buddha represents wisdom and totem of peace with middle bead being as strong mind.

Wear this apotropaic stones to manifest the calm and tranquility. It is qualified for free replacement and free delivery. Thats also instil the peace post purchase.