JWF™ Exclusive Natural Howlite Rose Quartz Turtle Girl Bracelet.

✔ Attraction  ✔ Love ✔ Intimacy

We are presenting to our dear customers the natural Rose Quartz Howlite bracelet. This bracelet comes with strong properties of healing and oodles of oomph.

Let your Real Oomph come to honour "the special woman you are"

The emblem of romance, love and trust The Rose Quartz stone is paired with the best soothing and calming stone " howlite" to bestow upon you the elegance, love, and calmness

The gravity of rose quartz pulls loving particles and assembles them in your soulmate, who you love.

Rose Quartz is widely called the stone of Love and Heart universally and it helps restore harmony, allegiance, trust, and love in a relationship. It benefits the person in meditation and yoga.

Invokes Love, Calmness, and Trust 

Some Benefits Associated With Rose Quartz

Apart from its beautiful appearance,Rose Quartz is extremely famous for its healing properties.

  • It fosters empathy, forgiveness and reconciliatory approach
  • It alleviates anger and brightens the loving energy and injects romance in the relationship
  • Rose Quartz is used to heal ailments of the thymus, heart, and lungs.
  • It also helps the person to release stress and pent up grief and emotions

You should wear this to awaken your aesthetic appeal and positive aura.

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Product Information

  • Beads: Rose Quartz and Agate
  • Length: 17-19cm
  • Delivery Time: 3-6 Days *
  • Delivery Fee:  FREE
  • Cash On Delivery: Available
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  • Replacement: Covered for damage if received.