JWF™ " Immerse in Serenity" Premium Howlite Mani-Padme-Hum Healing Bracelet

Unisex Bracelet | 50% OFF | Limited Supply

Wear this aesthetically oozing howlite bracelet for divine peace and fearless Mind.

What happens if entire ambiance around you turns in to a place of chirpy birds, the soulful music and chugging water. This will assuage your sense organs into serenity and let you feel the assimilation with the supreme universe.

Howlite stone is a wonderful stone drawing its energy and properties from mother earth. Howlite is known to reduce the haze before the mind and help the mind to stay unclogged in the time of distress and emotional turbulence.

Being one of the redeeming anxiety and tension stone, howlite brings the energy in a coalition to form the protective layer to attune the body with wisdom.

Wear this peace handmade bracelet laced with natural stones to display the elegance and aura of your wrist. Raise the bar of being noticed and being liked

Woven with a combination of Om Mani Padme Hum Beads

Get This Amazing Peace Bracelet for 50% OFF

Product Information

Stones: Howlite and Om mani Padme Beads

Style: Double

Gender: Both

Metal: Zirconia

Band: Stretchable