JWF™ Higher Conscience Amethyst Bracelet


Amethyst is said to clear off the obnoxiously depressive thoughts and anxious mindset. It is recommended by aura healers for good health and good thinking process. It brings both emotional and spiritual protection.

Designer's desk

Break the fetter of discouraging instability and ululating thoughts. Attain the higher consciousness with realm of never yielding power of good vibes. Just step on to your potential and accelerate it to reach the success you deserve with our 6mm and 8mm pure and authentic amethyst bracelet. Made with pure natural amethyst, this bracelet revitalises your senses and injects powerful action oriented energy.

Our customers are rejoiced with two options given to them, one is in metal clasp with 8mm beads and another is braided rope with 6mm beads, both bracelets work on elevating one's right conscience and cuddle up to rightful insight. The choice is eventually yours, what we can assure is longevity and quality both. Are you going to wear this beautiful bracelet to vivify your style? Order this here!

We also have re-energising and re-fixing policy if you want this later in case your bracelet need spruced up energised