JWF ™ Rooted Stability Premium Tiger Eye Hematite Bracelet

The legends are born not created but man can follow the legendary path with solid intention and enriched mind of positive energy. Never get perturbed to the malice and anguish around. Just affirm loudly for your chosen path and cleave through with daunting will. Things will subside and fog will be mitigated with shine of confidence and renewed aura.

Tiger eye and hematite stones which are said to work on the mind, be it sharpening the memory, raising concentration or supporting mental strength.

Designer's Note

The 8mm palpable beauty of strength and health, the tiger eye and hematite stones makes the travesty of clumsy and low energy level thereby lifting the spirit and vigour for preparing you to take a giant stride towards progressive and active mind.

These stones are beautifully clasped in style through lasting thread and metal chain in the back to give you the ease for adjustment.

Would not this encourage you to wear this with energy and high spirit?  Our product adds further a peace of mind through free replacement and free shipping.

Product Information

  • Stones: Hematite and Tiger Eye
  • Color: Black
  • Crown Size: 8mm
  • Size: 17-19 CM
  • Crown Metal: Alloy (Color: Rose Gold)
  • Delivery Time: 3-6 Days
  • Shipping Fee:  FREE