JWF "Conquering Noise " Red Tiger Eye Buddha Bracelet

Peace | Confidence | Courage

Designer Speaks

Some time one has to dive in the problems for estimating the intensity, but that need a courage and solid conviction to do so. Taking bold steps in your life without thinking about consequences will surely help you become a person of dare devil approach. Circumstances may cease you from taking the decisions, but your mind can not, Make your mind a strong battle field to conquer the blustery emotional war with our red tiger eye buddha bracelet.

Buddha is beautifully endowing this bracelet of peace with its august and peaceful presence. When you wear it, you will feel the splendour of it.

Red tiger eye stone is known to furnish the human a utter decision making capability and show the corrected path and wisdom.

Our 8mm red tiger eye decked up with buddha bracelet is roped with metal clasp in the backdrop without making your skin  uncomfortable.