JWF™ Unique Soul Tiger Eye Agate Stone Bracelet

Designer speaks

We devise our action and tread on that, Later we realise that our pace is not up to the mark and we are left behind, then the real revelation of being left in the race of life pours in and then comes in anxiety, stress and self reprobation. Muzzle your befuddling mind with your soul strengthening calm and inner balance with loud affirmation " I am the sole of unique purpose, Let the purpose guide me to follow my passion with utter calming energy". Practice this everyday with our tiger eye agate bracelet of confidence and strength. You will be guided by the supreme universe up there.

Our 8mm premium tiger eye agate pair of bracelets dive in to regaling your senses and sooth them all with pleasing symphony of calmness.

We offer free shipping and free replacement on damaged arrival of the product, So nestle in harmony of our peace and energy balancing  awesome pair of bracelet.