JWF ™ Premium Natural Green Energised Jasper Agate Stone Crown Bracelet For Health


Wear Jasper Stone For Keeping The Heart Chakra Aligned

Green Jasper Stone is used to balance one of the chakras of the body that is Heart chakra.

Black Agate stone cleanses negative energies and stabilises the aura of body.The great healer is used in enhancing the concentration and cognitive abilities and it soothes down the anger too 

Our body is administered by 7 chakras and these chakras are centre of energy, which has cosmic connect.

In order to effectuate the entire body in to positivity and disease free condition, those chakras are must to be aligned.

Green Jasper is called money charm and emblem of luck and prosperity.

So we thought of making this combination in the bracelet form, so that you can wear this with much enthusiasm.

#100% Natural Stones  Agate and Jasper Stones

It is used in the treatment of immune system and detoxification of the body's system.

It is widely used in healing and boosting the digestion and minimising the skin disorder.

The jasper and mat agate stones are used in making this marvel so that your wrist get the compliment every-time when you show this off.

This is not a fashion bracelet, it is bracelet of positivity and sacredness imbibed in each and every element used in making this.

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  • Product Information
  • Stones: Jasper Green and Mat Agate
  • Size: 17-19 CM
  • Number of Bracelets: Two
  • Crown Metal: Zirconia Copper
  • Metal Bead: Zirconia