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JWF™ "Inviting Goodness" Natural Tiger's Eye Bracelet


Wear this bracelet to feel like a king until you intend to be

Courage | Mental strength | Balance & Stability

From Designer's Desk

There is often a time when weak decision making costs dearer. It is not like that we don't have that capability, but circumstantial pressure, blustery emotion and lack of support cause that situation to arrive. This can be mended with strong and composed mind. Thats why yoga and meditation is recommended in this fast pacing life. 

We present to you an exquisitely designed bracelet from "stone of mind"  tiger eye, that eases the mental burden due to its virtuous healing characteristics. Modern healer recommend almost everybody to wear this stone to invoke emotional stability, courageousness and balanced mind

Some key benefits associated with Tiger's eye 

Metaphysically, Tiger's eye is attributed to various healing properties; here are the most popular ones.

  • Protects from negative energies
  • It enhances confidence and focus.
  • Strengthens decision making
  • Heals the body, mind and, Spirit
  • Subsides anxiety level and curbs the fear

When you wear a tiger's eye stone with jewelry and connects with it during yoga and meditation sessions, it manifests your optimism to fill you with stability and vibrating energies.

Product information:

  • Size:            17-19 CM Stretchable (Double Fold)
  • Stone Size:  8MM Tiger Eye
  • Metal:          Copper crown with Zircon studded
  • Type:           Single Wrap

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