JWF™ Good Fortune Rudraksha Howlite Bracelet

Rudrakhsa is known to be consequential in giving the great & Positive impact on human's spiritual and karmic life. It is associated with solar plexus chakra, that is responsible for transformation, personal power and, self esteem. It helps one to act as warrior to fight the dark energies.

Designer Speaks

Struggle and hardships make a person experienced and sagacious. Hardships are pathfinder for the good fortune until one has strong desire to fight back. Your glory is in your fought battle irrespective of won or lost. If you win, you get a lasting delight but when you loose, you get disparaging emotions. 

Our 8mm rudrakhsa bracelet is fortune's companion and acts as compost for the betterment and good health system. Beaded in strong rope with powerful natural bezelled bead of howliite, This bracelet represents your wisdom and spiritual strength. Howlite will stimulate your desire for knowledge and wisdom and also help you gain the ground for spiritual strength.