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JWF™ Pure & High Quality Turquoise Sri Yantra Pendant For Healing and Positive Energy

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#Turquoise Stone garnished with gemstones For Beautiful Sri-yantra Image

#Made by Artisans of remote village of India

Why You Should Wear This Natural Healer
  • It is generator of Power, positivity and Wealth.
  • It minimises the angst, envy and thwart the negative energies
  • It helps overcome depression and strengthen aura of body
  • it brings good luck and helps in strong decision making

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The stupendous natural healer and power of energy, The SriYantra pendant for People, Who love peace, meditation and joy of spiritualism  It is ideal for both men and women. Feel the Surge in Your Energy and Thinking level

Stay blessed with SriYantra Forever and Stay growing is thats It resonates with

Sri Yantra is definitely an answer to all problems and negativity around us in our life. Any person wearing or using Sri Yantra achieves much greater affluence, peace, harmony in life.

100% Handmade | 200% Satisfaction | Durability Guaranteed 

🕉 Do You Know That Sri Yantra propounds Good Luck, Injects Positive Energy and Brings Riches

Sri Yantra Pendant is a new fashion religious pendant for bringing luck and prosperity.

It causes our body to have a cosmic connection with the universe and fulfils our desire to invoke wealth and fortune.

Sri Yantra gives maximum benefits to almost everybody, who keep it. It is supposedly connected with the Goddess of wealth “Lakshmi” as per our Hindu tradition and scripture. Maa Lakshmi is also a deity of fortune, prosperity, progress and wealth.

The Benefit of Sri Yantra
  • It helps to attain wisdom, fortune and wealth
  • It removes negativity and transforms your environment to positivity
  • It connects our body cosmically with this supreme universe
  • It is Money Yantram and connects with Maa Lakshmi
  • It strengthens spiritual health and enkindles the flame of purity within inside

Each circuit in Sri Yantra is associated with one of the chakras present in our body. This chakra shows a cosmic connection with the universe.

Natural Turquoise Sri yantra pendant is an elegant pendant made up of quality metal and glass. We make sure that You would like it

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