JWF™ "Wisdom Giver" Carved Ganesha Tiger Eye Agate Bracelet


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Obsidian and Tiger eye stones remove negativity, protects from envy and enhances wisdom, decision taking and, confidence.

The tiger's eye stone is master of all healing stones. Lots of healing benefits are attributed to it due to its metaphysical properties like helping the mind to stay focussed, positive, and calm. Balance mind and calmness is proponent of right decision making.

Obsidian Stone is helping stone to centralise the energy so that the right flow of energy can be channelised in order to bring effective aura. It fights off the bad energies to keep the calmness and peace intact.

It is often said that our action is governed by our wisdom, some time blustery thoughts and turmoil of emotion take toll on our life and makes life topsy turvy. Then comes the "Vighan Harta Ganesha" (Obstacle redeemer) to our rescue when faith calls him.

Here is the bracelet with carved Motley of Lord Ganesha in the stone called Tiger's eye and Obsidian. This beautiful hand carving by our people, who are from the village gets money for their lively hood through their abundant talent, which is still not endorsed and seen by us.

Hence we are presenting the india made product to you to savour the virtue and respect the hard work of these people. Though This is hand-carving and not a machine done, there can be slight chances of carving not being in center and some stones are slightly scratched. But what you get is nature and talent together in your wrist

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Product Information'

  • Stones: Tiger's eye with 8mm beads
  • Center stone size: 30x20 cm
  • Type: Bracelet
  • Thread: Elastic and Silk 

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