JWF™ "Staying True Forever" Premium Flower of Life 7 chakra Cat's Eye Couple Bracelet


Immerse yourself with the affection and cuddle of joy with your companion today. It is the time to Soak in to the reverberation of peace and positivity.

Bringing you the amalgamation of peace and love together for our customers, who like to remain true to each other no matter, what comes and goes.

7 chakras are centre points in our body and their balancing is important for smooth functionality of body. These cats eye stones are said to strike the balance as every colour corresponds with respective chakra in our body.

This bracelet inspires you to act on the moment when you need yourself to stay with your loved ones.

Ideal for Single and Couple both

The 7 chakra bracelet is master piece for you, you can wear this and gift this to your friend, family and people around you, who make your life meaningful with love and respect.

The authentic and natural stones laced twining beauty is now available exclusive here at 50% OFF with headache free replacement policy.

Product Information

  • Type of Bracelet: 7 chakra and Bohemian
  • Size: 17-19cm
  • Gender: For Unisex
  • Stones: Cat's Eye
  • Stone Size: 6mm
  • Rope: Threaded
  • Middle Stones: 12mm Obsidian 
  • Middle Metal: Stainless Steel with Flower of Life Design