JWF™ "Safeguarding You" Evil Eye Tiger Eye Hematite Braided Bracelet

The proof of elegance is in admiration from others

Designer's Desk

In the light of wisdom, enlighten yourself to attain the wisdom in your life. Take the dip in to nirvana of elegance and splendour with our exclusive eye charming evil eye powered tiger eye and hematite stone bracelet.

Not only does it act a safeguard  but also decks you up with protection from ennui and depressed energy. Wake up to the elegance and manifest the real you from inside and keep the spirit of go getting aloft.

The beautiful eye charm is decked up with backdrop of parallel lines of braided tiger eye and hematite stones to bring up the beauty and glamour quotient.

  • 6mm Hematite stones for Stability and focus
  • 6mm Blue Tiger eye stones for firmness, luck and decision making
  • 10x10m Evil Eye For Guarding against the misfortune and envy
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