JWF™ Casting Good Spell Aventurine Evil Eye Bracelet

Designer speaks

Good intent and being pure at heart often herald the blessing of nature and time both. You can imbue with elevated confidence to the brim. Keeping a move without making a buzz about your presence is indeed a courageous act. Eventually your words and actions will outpour the praise and glaze both for you.  Wear our evil eye embellished aventurine bracelet to spellbind the glaring malice and envy. Just stymie them with your good charm. It works as talisman for protection, perfection and perseverance.

In addition to that, Aventurine nullifies the electromagnetic radiation and keeps you calm and emotionally strong.  It also unblocks the energy from heart chakra and makes your heart more relaxed. It is termed as best heart healer by healers.

  • 8mm Aventurine Stones Bead
  • Metal clasp (Skin friendly adjustable)
  • Zirconia studded copper Evil eye for protection