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JWF™ " Bringing Style Euphoria " Premium Agate Bracelet

Designer Speaks

Get ready to shower the beam of dazzling light on the road to resurrection of energy and confidence. Your style will leave the footprints visible in every stride you take to win the world with our three wrap agate healing bracelet of brilliance, strength and balance.

Agate bracelet is premium offering from the stable of exclusivity and elegance. The bracelet of hope, balance and energy is right fitment  for your wrist. Nudge the little sassiness inside you and be little impatient to catch your styling

The premium zirconia studded 6mm copper metal in the middle of 6mm agate beads represents your strong mind and invincible attitude with three layers of hope, confidence and style like beads. This is surely benchmark making in your style element. Just carry it with effervescence. 

This is quite exclusive and we think that your attire will be complemented by it in every occasion of joy and celebration.