JWF™ Enlightened Soul Tree Of Life Citrine Bracelet


Citrine is associated with sacral chakra and it help one enhance one's creativity and ability to manifest financial abundance.

Designer's desk

Shape the path of happiness with your enlightened soul. Fill the hollowness with vibrance of umpteen soul enriching energy. Your endeavour to proceed with firm intent is going to pay you for what you deserve. The mundane luxury is short lived but when your soul luxuriate in the bliss of wisdom and knowledge then descends the true meaning of one's inhabitation in this world. Stay unprovoked from the demeaning energies. Find the meaning to rejoice with our 6mm true marvellous citrine layered bracelet.

We have taken our effort one step ahead in adding meaning to this bracelet with talisman of knowledge, the tree of life. The metal is gold polished in stainless steel with studded zircons. These zircons aesthetically ravels the splendour of bracelet when worn with your attire of choice.

The skin friendly bracelet comes equipped with metal clasp and extended link chain so that you can have snug fit or loose fit either.