JWF™ Believing in Oneness Ek Onkar Obsidian Stone Bracelet

The purest form of divinity is belief in mankind and considering everybody as part of one's soul. The powerful divine words refer to absolute oneness of God. We carefully carved this divine symbol to remind and propagate that the best deed is to service and love the human kind and every sole present in this nature in any form or body.

We are commanded by the supreme almighty, whose decree is to love everybody and let the people live peacefully in their inhabitation.

This totemic bracelet represents peace, divinity, oneness and nobility of thoughts.

The 8mm agate enraptures your eyes in the backdrop of the the divine carved symbol on obsidian stone with lasting thread and the crown used here reminds your a king of holy intention and affirmation. So affirm your words today for noble cause and stay happy in the zone of confidence and serenity.

  • Flush out negativity
  • embrace the spiritual thinking
  • Helps Stay Karmic and Stay blessed