JWF™ Attracting Divine Calm 108 Buddha Agate Mala

Designer speaks

Brace for the changes with open arm and be ready for the conquest of boisterous mind. Elevate your mind to  divine descent of wisdom and gleefulness. Notwithstanding the situations or hardships in our life, one can stick to one's core value of being firm and rooted to self belief. Goal does not mean to be accomplished in given time period but effort to attain the goal is important. Just give your best and your effort will reach you to that.

Let our calming and mind soothing agate mala with empowering buddha take your holy dip of effort in the ocean of karmic world to get you see the dawn of happiness and tranquility. 

Made with 8mm matt agate, the 108 beads with carved buddha pendant on obsidian stone is one of the best self gift for divine assimilation and spiritual augmentation.

Wear this mala today. It is free on replacement and available on Cash on delivery also. You will definitely would like to wear with peace.