JWF™ Vivacious Mind Clear Quartz Obsidian Evil Eye Bracelet

Designer speaks

Skate over the troubling emotions and chequered thoughts. You can glorify your hard-work when you have tenacity in your attitude and pureness in your execution of karmas. Hard-work will reap you benefit but good karma will bring you glory and happiness. 

Obsidian stone works on root chakra and it unleashes you from the clutch of all that is not serving you a desired purpose, It untethers you from negativity and help you let go all which is holding you from growth.

Where as clear quartz is also known as SPHATIK and also said to be stone of perfection  and looks like the ice of glacier. It  unclasps your mind from pernicious and wistful thinking. It is stone of crown chakra. The cellular formation inside the crystal apes the human mind and its thinking process. When you wear this clear quartz, it amps up your creative wisdom and elevates the effect of other stones when paired with them.

We present to you an evil eye obsidian clear quartz bracelet of strength, stability and balanced mind. It scales you up  on spiritual degree. Both stones are 8mm in size and complement each other for their strong healing properties.