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JWF™ Radiating Splendour Cat's Eye Stone Evil Eye Bracelet

Designer speaks

You shine with your wisdom. Let your moments of self acknowledgement regale the  energy around to bring you more power and oomph. Just drown in the reverie and invite the abundance of aura. Because when you let loose yourself in the moment of reckoning then true emancipation from the clutch of worry and ennui steps in. Then you savour every moment thereafter. Our cat eye stones made bracelet is blend of soothingness and power both. The bracelet will truly adhere to your wisdom and help you retain your splendour longer. This heals you, repeals your negativity and reveals your persona to other.

Cat Eye stones are said to be harbinger of luck, wealth and energy in life of wearer of the stones, Ideal for inviting calming energy. Cat eye stone bracelet is loved by people vouching for confidence and style both. This bracelet is unisex and zirconia studded copper evil eye juxtaposes yellow and white stones to bring more complement

The bracelet comes with skin friendly metal clasp so that you can adjust accordingly to rejoice your wrist. The bracelet comes with free replacementassurance, if receive it damaged.