JWF™ "Awaken Your Spiritual Side" Energised Calcite Stone Bracelet


Calcite stone is associated with spiritual awakening. It raises the meditative state of mind and soul with upliftment in the aura.  It is supposedly a stone of strong emotion.

Wearing calcite stones strengthens the mind and improves the memory

The calcite is reported to spruce up the personality by extruding the negative energies from your body. It reveals the real side of who you are.

Being constant and continuous in emitting the positive energies, calcite brings up the consciousness and agility in the front.

* Some Known Benefits of Calcite stones

  • Improves Memory
  • Removes inept thoughts.
  • Raises consciousness
  • Enhances creative expression

This bracelet is the handwork of spiritual people, who have energized it. 

Wear this early morning after taking shower on the right hand and enchant the mantra " I LOVE MYSELF, I LOVE MY UNIVERSE, I LOVE MY CREATOR'

Product Information:

Type: Single, Double

Gender: Unisex

Chord: Stretchable, Thread

* Disclaimer: These are natural stones and we never voice them as an alternative to medicines. One can not get benefits until one practice to stay happy.