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JWF™ Amplifying Calm Calcite Malachite Buddha Bracelet

Designer speaks

Drench in the cleansing shower of serenity and calm. Obey the nature and follow that with your inner instinct. Once you assert your love and affection on your surrounding, The positive energy will flow towards you to take you to relinquished ego and ennui. This will help you revel in the glory of altered and boundless human. Cherish that moment with our calcite malachite powered buddha bracelet

Calcite is known to amplify the energy and strengthen the balance with invoking of peace. It is associated with solar plexus chakra, which is said to bring in confidence and self esteem. Malachite associates with Heart chakra, which brings in strong relationship, blossoming of love and harmony.

This heart pleasing buddha bracelet is now available here on FREE shipping and also eligible for free replacement in case you receive it damaged.We assure you of our quality and support so that every pen