JWF™ Bringing Higher Consciousness Calcite Heart Bracelet

The proof of exhibiting the charm is in wearing our calcite bracelet. It is known to raise the right conscience. With our calcite bracelet, reckon your soulful energy to stay in the power of strong intent and determination. Be a conscientious human being on the ground of humility and mankind with your good deeds and actions. Calcite propels you to be the on razzle-dazzle of positive vibes

Uptickinyg your energy level, calcite is said to detoxify the body. Calcite is also known for boosting memory, discernment and careful insight in dreary moments

  • 10mm Calcite stone for raising the consciousness level and also for detoxification. Boosting memory and cleansing kidney
  • Good To wear on right hand
  • Amazing gift for your dear ones