JWF™ Quest OF Peace Buddha Tiger Eye Rope Bracelet

Just resign yourself to the shelter of peace with belief and affirmation " i am the soul in quest of inner peace, that will overarch me from all outside noise"

Be expressed through your wisdom. The hinged mind often brings sturdy thinking. Cleanse the web of confusion with the our solid peace emitting tiger eye buddha bracelet. Wear this apotropaic stones to manifest the calm and tranquility.

Designer's Note

The calming buddha represents wisdom and totem of peace with middle bead being as strong mind. The 8mm tiger bead with hand-carved buddha on the middle oval bead exhibits the calmness. When you cast your eyes on this bracelet in the time of noise and bewilderment, this bracelet will help your stay focussed and dissuaded.

8mm bronze metal crown enigmatically sharpens the look of the bracelet. Moreover crowns designate you a king of holy intention and peaceful mind.