JWF™ Winsome Buddha Tiger Eye Howlite Peace Pair Bracelet

Wear this For Peace | Confidence | Positivity

Designer Note

We believe that every human is piece of remarkable art from our supreme creature, who did not think twice before giving us the power of our mind, body and soul. Our body is our home, our mind is our treasure and, Our Soul is the truth of our life.

Focussed approach and pious intent are always driving force for getting the fruits of one's action. Let your strong mind and good decision making fructify and bring you the success and bundle of peace with Joy.

These splendid stones, Tiger eye and Howlite are inherently replenished with energy from our mother nature, earth and Sun. Thats why they good for our mind and body, If both works and go great gun and then our soul is rapt in the pleasure of enjoying it.

These bracelets due to its healing virtues help restrain twiddling thoughts and reign in the unbridled horses of emotion.

We have tried this combination based on the feedbacks from our current customers, who always wanted the white ( Symbol of Peace ) and brown yellow (The epitome of energy) to be worn together. So here is the master piece and the pair of bracelets derived from you, made for you and meant for you.

100% FREE Replacement | No Question Asked

Tiger's eye stone is one of the strongest healers and aims at working on the dissonant and bewildered mind. It stimulates the mind to be active and positive most of the time.

Howlite Stone solidifies one's stability in thoughts, actions, and emotions. Being grounding stone, it amplifies one's credibility when it comes to taking some tough actions during a crucial time

Product Information

  • Stones: Tiger's eye, Howlite
  • Size: 17-19cm. 
  • Stone Size: 6mm
  • Gender: Unisex

Disclaimer: These stones have metaphysical properties, but can not be considered as the only option for medication, health, and positivity, one has to see the doctor and practice yoga or meditation to speed up the process.