JWF™ Premium Buddha Pure Howlite Bracelet

Would you not like to wear the calming howlite stones ?

Wear this auspicious buddha, the divine peace giver, bracelet with powerful healing Howlite stones. The strong threaded bracelet will not leave you isolated alone even if you try to detach it.

This bracelet epitomises the placement of peace, inner bliss and  pondering mind 

Howlite stone is a wonderful calming stone drawing its energy and properties from mother earth. Howlite is known to reduce the haze before the mind and help the mind to stay unclogged in the time of distress and emotional turbulence.

Being one of the redeeming anxiety and tension stone, Howlite brings the energy in a coalition to form the protective layer to attune the body with wisdom.

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Product Information

  • Stones: Howlite 
  • Buddha Metal: Zirconia (Copper) 10mm Buddha
  • Style: Double
  • Gender: Both
  • Metal: Zirconia
  • Band: Thread adjustable