JWF "Keep the world of Love" Premium Zirconia Buddha Peace Hematite Tiger Eye Stone Bracelet

Reflect your ocean of love, river of joy around to invite the abundance of peace and elegance.

Because premium Zirconia Buddha is toyed with mesmerising tiger eye and Hematite stones, Both stones are themselves powerful healers and they balance the influx and  out-flux of energy to bring the body in equilibrium thereby making your body and mind calm and composed.

Wear it in style of single , double and, triple

🕉 Brings composure and calmness. Ideal For Both Men and WomenThe most protective stone is said to make wearer stay grounded and high in self-esteem.

It helps bring strong decision making and a stable mind in any situation.

Tiger's Eye stone or crystal is associated with courage and self-confidence. It portrays the integrity and inculcates the strong conviction to defy any odds and challenges coming across.

Hematite stone is warm and radiant in nature synthesising the energies of sun and earth together. It draws its healing properties from sun and earth

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Product information:

  • Size:            18-19 CM Stretchable
  • Number of Bracelets: 3 
  • Stone Size:  8MM Tiger Eye
  • Metal:          Copper
  • Type:           Single Wrap

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