JWF™ "Master of Strong Conviction" Buddha Tiger Eye Peace Bracelet


Tiger eye stone inhibits the inactions and strengthens the mind for strong decision making and courage

Designer's Desk

Realise your potential by overcoming the thoughts of negativity. Our strength is starkly inside us when we let go our ennui, indolence and depressive mindset. One needs to enshrine the faith in self wisdom regardless of situation. Because lack of self believe precedes the failure. Therefore we present to you beautiful sole a bracelet of conviction and strength.

Our 8mm stoned buddha tiger eye bracelet acts as guide and a healer to make you free from the burdened and embattled mind. It helps you to romp ahead with ease.

These tiger eye healing stones with embellished buddha placates the blustering emotions inside the mind and shows the true path to tread on.

The copper made buddha with speck of zirconia is strung on the strong and adjustable rope. We are sure that our bracelet will leave you in the moment of admiration.

This bracelet is ideal for both male and female and the male's hand here in image is just for presentation.

In addition to this, we assure you of free replacement if you receive damage product. so peace of mind will always remain after buying and after wearing it both. Isn't it exciting to wear this now?