JWF™ Bestowing Harmony & Balance 7 Chakra Cat Eye Rose Quartz Buddha Bracelet

Designer's Desk

One can't reclaim inner bliss until one has surrendered to the tranquility. let your state of mind recede to the level of starting point where it is absolutely empty and unfazed with any disturbance and turmoil. You need balance and emotional strength to walk over unprovoked. The tranquility comes hailing you with shower of bliss and balance when all 7 chakras are aligned and in line. The strengthened 7 chakras are the root of your bliss, As they align your body and soul together with regulated and evenly flow of energy across your body. 

Our 8mm 7 chakra cat eye rose quartz bracelet empower your chakras and unblock them to smoothen its function. The rose quartz stone sweeps in harmony, love and vigour. Cat eye stones is said to revive the channel of wealth and safeguard wearer from ill will and malice. The bracelet is talisman for good vibes and balanced mind.

We offer free replacement as bracelet comes equipped with metal clasp and is adjustable and skin friendly for you wrist. It will keep your wrist in idyllic state. 

  • 8mm Rose Quartz for bliss and harmony
  • 8mm Cat eye for decimation of negativity and invoking of wealth channel
  • 12MM metal clasp
  • 10mm Stainless steel buddha for enlightenment and tranquility
  • Handmade in India with lasting metal wire