JWF™ " Empower Stability" Premium Black Agate White Pair Bracelet

What is this bracelet for?

Made with natural healer Gem stone, called Agate, It is said to empower inner stability and confidence to the person who is wearing this.

We have used the white stone, which is epicentre of beauty and elegance of this bracelet.

This bracelet comes in pair with 6m fine round  black and white stone beads. These stones are pure and natural with healing benefits in plenty.

The purpose of this bracelet is to remind and kickstart you everyday to move with positivity and confidence

There are some key Benefits  attributed to Agate :

  • Repels Negative Energy
  • Re-energize the body for action
  • Programs the mind for the right decision making.
  • It improves mental functions and enhances concentration.
  • Injects Confidence and brings self-belief. 

The healing properties of stone help bring the clarity of thoughts, programs the mind for right decision making and attract the positive energy around

We have made every bit of this bracelet with passion so that it may reflect in your wearing when you flaunt your wrist

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Product Information

  • Stones: Agate Stone and White Mop
  • Bead size:6mm 
  • Style: urban Pair
  • Size:Adjustable with 17-19 CM 
  • Delivery: 3-6 Days
  • Payment: Net banking & Card  | COD Available