JWF™ Positive Attitude Black Agate Healing Buddha Bracelet

 ✔ Positivism ✔ Composure ✔ Confidence

Set yourself apart from the huddle and remain in your conviction with style, that is what this bracelet propagates, It impels you to move regardless of hardships or lows, because one's attitude to move with grit is a pathway to success

Exemplary attitude with Positivity is an attire in today's competitive world of envy, malice and deceit to take head on the opponents, who don't leave any stone unturned to dethrone the confidence of person.

A person, who is mentally enthroned with positive vibes and calmness is often succeed in what he does.

This bracelet is made with powerful natural premium quality authentic agate stones and peaceful buddha is testament to the harmony, calmness and positivity.

Black Agate is Natural stone and comes with intrinsic virtues like helping person in socially harmonising with environment, helping in insomnia and invigorate the vitality of person, who wears this.

We are presenting to you an emblem of peace and epitome of good health and positivity bracelet, that comes in pair of two.

We assure you of good value for money and mental peace in terms of hassle free replacement. When you wear this bracelet, we want you to exhibit your aura with elegance to the world around you.

Know the product

  • Type of Bracelet: in Pair
  • Beads: 6mm (Agate)
  • Size: 17-19CM (Adjustable)
  • Delivery: FREE | COD Available | Secured Payment Option