"Catch Your Dream" Aventurine Rose Quartz Dream Catcher Bracelet

Designer's Desk

Dare to dream today. Be  but empower your thoughts with energy and positivity. Our dream catcher bracelet stands a guard against all odds coming your way with its powerful aventurine and rose quartz bracelet.

These stones harmonise your senses and unblocks the road to self importance factor in life. 

Beat down the cacophony of clattering winds of thoughts and just chug along the aisle of peace and harmony with ease.

Realise the worth of your dream and go and catch them without any further ado

The aventurine and rose quartz combination is awesome twosome stones for settling down the negative emotions and strengthening the heart. The good heart symbolises health and love both.

Our protective green aventurine rose quartz bracelet is made with alternate arrangement of 8mm aventurine and 4m rose quartz with strong adjustable rope, which are in the back drop of stainless steel made dream catcher,