JWF™ Shower Of Magnificence Aventurine Hematite Evil Eye Bracelet

Designer speaks

Paradise is not the place which we dream to live in, its space we create for ourself around through our fragrance of affirmative mind and blissful soul. Where the light of life, that is filled with eternal and ubiquitous flow of calming energy, gleams. Magnificence is what you feel through the eyes of other for yourself. This comes from your everlasting smile and coruscating diamonds like persona. Our 6mm hematite and aventurine bracelet adds a speck of brilliance to your style and personality. This will complement you in your journey of good karmas.

Our evil eye powered bracelet helps you deflect all negating energies and wicked intentions.So wear it with great fervency to showcase your charismatic calming and aura reflecting personality.

We give you a free replacement when it is arrived at your place damaged. It also comes with free shipping.

So what are you thinking? Just go and get it to wear to shower your magnificence today

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# Order value below INR 5,000

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# Contactable Mobile No.

# After reconfirmation by our order processing team.

# multiple orders from the same customers will not be shipped except one. Follwing the delivery, rest will be shipped.

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# Avoid perfume, spray or any other direct chemical on the products. Make sure when you do it then please remove the product before

# As some products have metal and thread so we recommend not to have them exposed to water contuously as thread may become frail.

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# Wrong product was sent against the ordered one.

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# Customer does not like the product

# Product is Fake.

# Customer found the product cheaper somewhere else after purchase

These are the most common example which we cannot honour if we want to continue offering great value at Justwowfactory. The buyer should make sure he or she wants to buy the items before submitting an order, not after. After an order is submitted, the buyer enters into a legally binding contract with the seller to purchase all items in that order.

No Replacement also on following condition

Please note that we also do not honour the return and replacement on products where discount coupons have been applied or products which are purchased on sale.

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