JWF ™ " Get Going Always" " Aum Hematite Aura Filling Bracelet

Designer's Desk

No time is right or wrong, it is just the condition, that human applies. Shred all your agony, woes and disappointment as they will never heal you. Self healing comes from the realisation in the moment, when we need ourself to move forward without any baggage of past.

Our Hematite Aum empowered bracelet brings the halt to your butterfly kind of mind and provides rationality to your thoughts and ease the emotional setback. It replenishes the body and mind with aura. Aura is energy of our body, that is administered by smooth functioning of 7 chakras.

The sacred and divine Aum Charm is made with stainless steel, That provides a solidity to your action, Hematite beads help you stay grounded and focus and keeps the health system in check.

Made with 6mm hematite beads with strong and adjustable rope, the aum bracelet signifies the elevated confidence and positivity.

Our bracelet comes with FREE Replacement assurance  and free shipping. Just get this today from our store, our design is unique is elegant to wear.