JWF™ "Living With Strong Mind" Aum Buddha Tiger Eye Bracelet

Tiger Eye Stones are known to eradicate the mental barrier in decision making and helps wearer solidify conviction to be the boss of your own

Wear this Buddha Bracelet

  • To bring mental strength for correct decision making
  • Said to remove the ennui and melancholy 
  • Rejuvenates the aura with embodied calmness & Positivity
  • Keeps the wearer confidence and energetic
  • Said to remove the negative thoughts

From Designer's Desk

The enchanting beauty Buddha and Aum are beautifully placed in super healer stones (Tiger Eye) in two colors Green and blue to emit the true elegance and beauty together. Wear this your dress anywhere to exhibit your charisma. It is recommended to wear them together in right hand.

The two universal symbols "Aum and Buddha" of love, humanity and, peace are entwined with the master healing stone, "The tiger eye".

We are sure that our customers will like this aesthetic bracelet, that draws energy, peace and positivity and moreover the eyeballs around


  • Natural and Premium Quality Tiger Eye Stones
  • Stone Size: 8mm
  • Stones with Tremendous Healing Benefits
  • Tiger Eye Stones known for Strong mind and Courageous attitude
  • 100% Replacement 
  • Shipping: Free and Available on COD also
  • Thread Type: Adjustable with rope and elastic both
  • 17-19CM in Length