JWF™ Celestial Blessing Aum Buddha Rose Quartz Bracelet

The heart pleasing rose quartz stone signifies the advent of love, calm and social harmony. It is intricately associated with heart chakra. The rose quartz crystal strengthens one's relationship and propounds the feeling of self love.

Designer speaks

Love yourself to the extent so that you harness the good and loving energy from all side. Self love is professed to be the guide for one's inner happiness. When yo love yourself spiritually, you begin to see the light of love in others. Let the divine elevation surface in your thinking and bring your wisdom to the fore.

Or 8mm braided rose quartz bracelet fosters the believe of self love and self honour. It encourages all the energy around to bind together to bring awesomeness.

The bracelet empowers one's mind with the blessing of Aum and injects calm with enlightening buddha. We have used the strong thread to give this bracelet a new and refreshing look by wrapping the beads around. The rope is symbolic binding of disarraying thoughts so that your mind remain at the helm of balance and calm.