JWF™ Divine Affection Aum Buddha 7 Chakra Agate Bracelet


Acknowledge yourself today with applause and say aloud your intention to manifest for you.

Unblock all your 7 chakras to stay healthy and positivity. But do follow meditation and yoga for the better result

Designer's Note

Unravel  your divine belief. Let your thought not meander like small rivulets of river. Get them in the direction of mainstream of river and stop being wary of any impediment. Just get in to the flow of river like life with our strong healer agate. That imparts you a wisdom and rooted belief to trundle past the difficult phase with ease just like a river moving past every obstacle coming alongs its way.

Our 6mm empowered agate bracelet with aum and buddha eases your body swiftly in to energy and calmness.

  • Agate stones for calmness and easing negative energy and boosting strength
  • Aum and Buddha metal charm help you get focus on your action
  • Free Replacement and Free Shipping
  • A unisex three fold
  • Ideal with every dress