JWF™ Divine Cleansing 7 Chakra Agate Aum Tiger Eye Bracelet

Designer Speaks

Materialise your oasis like passion in this fast pace of mundane life. Be in the way of the light of enlarging your vision. One can  wear the garb of frustration over the passion but can not hide it long. So one need to cleanse oneself with divine energies. Let the divine energy descends on you from this universe to cleanse your chakras from bottom to top to unleash your raring to go attitude in no time. In this journey our 7 chakra enmeshed stones with powerful divine aum helps you transform your challenges in to opportunities

The 8mm tiger eye stones, which is often termed as stone of mind works upon enhancing the mental strength and spruce up the decision making power. The agate stones culls the onset of depressive energies and bring balancing and confidence.

Product Information

  • 8mm Tiger Eye Stones for luck, confidence and strength
  • 8mm Agate stone for balance and energy
  • 10mm Stainless Steel to vouch for your success
  • Free Shipping with Deliver Time 3-6 Days
  • Free Replacement and Damage Protection Policy