JWF Anchor Negative Thoughts Hematite Bracelet

When thoughts of failing precedes the action. This often makes a person indolent and passive because an unseen fear and bewildering thoughts anchor you to the confines of frustration .Our Hematite bracelet works on the  the root chakra bringing the spike in the energy. As a result one feels emphatically navigated towards taking action. 

Be alert and awakened with conscious thinking, sweep the worry and anxiety off the shore. Let your thinking process be bolstered without any barrier.

This anchor inspired 6mm hematite beaded reminds you to take the boat of anger, fear and indolence anchored to the shore, so that you can swim freely and enjoy yourself in the ocean of opportunities and growth.

The rope bracelet is style epitome with strong adjustable rope. It is also covered by free replacement assurance. This is uniquely designed for people, who intends to race ahead for the purpose.