JWF™ Restoring Trust & Harmony Amethyst Rose Quartz Aum Buddha Bracelet Mala

Trust and faith are two pillars for a robust and unflinching march of strong relationship. When trust grows then faith deepens along with. Rose quartz and amethyst stones are two lustrous stones of extremely strong vibes of love, wisdom, balance and support. They look extremely beautiful together when you wear it in the form of bracelet or mala.

Designer speaks

Love cometh and manifest when you ardently internalise faith in your intention. Harmony comes following the footprint of love and faith to get etched its presence permanently on fulcrum of strong relationship. Our 6mm successive amethyst and rose quartz stone beads exhibit the inkling of aesthetic elegance and divine odour.

You can wear this quality emblazoned rose quartz amethyst as bracelet and mala both with the attire of your choice. Before wearing them, Affirm your intention and call our loudly for love and harmony

  • Rose quartz is said to imbibe love, harmony, mellifluously appealing energies owing to its association with heart chakra
  • Amethyst imbibes spiritual wisdom, physical benefit, stress relief and, being associated with crown chakra.
  • Buddha for support of harmony and peace
  • Aum for balancing and strengthening core belief of oneness
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