JWF™ Casting Splendour Amethyst Hematite Evil Eye Bracelet

Amethyst is known as an "air" element that provides calm and positivity to those who wear or use the stones or crystals

Designer speaks

Begin your journey with splendour and gleam in your eyes to display the utter consciousness in your action. You can be a vanguard of new ideas and energy. Just tramp down the dullness and solitude , these are likely to dwarf your bigger vision to succeed. Our amethyst clad hematite bracelet is vigorously helping you to be in potent hand of positivity and energy. 

The 6mm evil eye bracelet is here to marginalise the envy and malice. So wear this to feel the power of two solids stones of high healing virtues. It works on crown chakras to help one to stay unhindered and paired in decision making.

Made with metal clasp, this bracelet comes with durability and beauty both. You will love to wear and show your wrist to gesticulate the negative vibes

This bracelet qualifies for free replacement and free shipping.