JWF™ Be An Exemplary Soul Amethyst Evil Eye Bracelet


Amethyst helps you clear the moist of imbalance and undulating depressive thoughts and draw you back from sudden mood swings in to stable and tranquil state. it is said to work on the digestive system and helps one assuage the worrying attitude and attention to trivial things

Designer's Note

You are a woman of substance, whose mind body and soul is in quest of perfection and serenity. Encourage yourself to take the stride in the direction of self recognition. The evil eye laced amethyst mercilessly decimates the dull energies to emerge you as renewed human. The zircon embellished evil eye flings the envy and worry and keeps you in energetic and wholesome state.

it befriends your wrist with ease and help it find the flaunting and styling with penance.

Copper made zirconia evil eye is crowning beauty for 8mm amethyst in the the background with lasting and strong rope, which is not only skin friendly but eases the delight of wearing it without ado.